Medical notice

The KAF app is a digital therapy companion to be used by spinal pain or prevention of it and is suitable for people aged 18 and over.

The KAF app should be used in consultation with Privatepraxis Dr KAF and/or physician or physiotherapist trained and certified by the Dr. KAF Institute.

The KAFapp must not be used for the following diagnoses or pre-existing conditions:

– Skin sensitivity disorder

– Large skin defects or severe burns

– Thrombosis

– Psychosis

– Pregnancy

– Pulmonary failure

– Bleeding tendencies or history of bleeding, or anticoagulant medication use

– Gait unsteadiness or frequent falls

– Rheumatic diseases

– Decreased bone density

– Advanced heart disease

– Free joint bodies

– Spinal tumors

– Spinal or joint infections

– Previous hip or knee surgery

– Neurological treatment

– Previous spinal surgery

– Acute inflammation or fever

– Sensorimotor disorders

– Cramp-like pain

– Painless muscle weakness

– Severe pain at rest

– Sudden disorientation

– Sudden strong inner restlessness

– Severe pain after a fall

General information

In general, the use of the KAF app is only suitable for patients in a good and stable general condition.

The KAF app’s training and exercises may only be used in a flat, stable and non-slip environment.

In the case of movement restrictions specified by the doctor, training may only be carried out within the permitted range of movement.

If there is an overheating of the body, loss of function, pain, redness, swelling or other deterioration of the general condition during or after the use of the KAF app, training is recommended to stop and contact Privatepraxis Dr KAF or your physician.

The KAF app  must not be used if drugs or alcohol have been consumed.

Others not by contraindications

Other exclusion criteria not covered by contraindications

In the event of a deterioration of the general condition such as fever, cold, flu-like infection, dizziness, drowsiness, any acute inflammation, general feeling of illness or severe pain, 

The KAF APP should not be used.

In case of evidence of a local disorder in the area of a limb (e.g. redness, wound healing disorders, skin injuries, swelling, thrombosis, infection, haematoma), or severe back pain the use of the KAF app must be discontinued and further use may only take place after medical consultation.

Patients with cardiac, pulmonary, cerebral and vascular risk factors, taking long-term medication (e.g. steroids/anticoagulants) and pregnant patients can use the app after explicit consultation with private Praxis Dr KAF and if it is considered there that use of the app in their particular case to be safe.

The KAF app is not suitable for patients who are insecure or at risk of falling, as well as for patients who suffer from dizziness and/or blood pressure regulation disorders.

The app is not suitable for patients who are insecure or at risk of falling, as well as for patients who suffer from dizziness and/or blood pressure regulation disorders.

Pre-existing diseases, health restrictions and previous operations must be discussed with Praxis Dr. KAF or your primary treating doctors.

Particular attention should be paid to:

• Accompanying injuries, for example fractures

• Tumour, metastases, cancer, malignant


• Change in bone metabolism (osteoporosis, osteoporotic fractures)

• Problems in the coaging system, e.g. increased Bleeding tendency

• Severe or acute cardiovascular diseases

• Metabolic diseases such as diabetes

• Autoimmune diseases

• Sensory disorders, such as paraesthesia, numbness

• Injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system

If this does not result in contraindications and restrictions on the use of the KAF app, the app can be used in this case.