Instructions for Use: KAF-APP

Instructions for Use: KAF-APP
Version 1.0
Date: 01.07.2024

Welcome to the KAF-APP

We are pleased that you are using the KAF-APP. With the help of our KAF-APP, we aim to support you in managing your back pain and improving your mobility. Our newly developed therapy approach is designed to help you actively counteract back pain and tension with measures tailored to your needs: from the cervical to the lumbar spine, for your well-being, every day.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via chat within the KAF-APP or by email at support-kafapp@dr-kaf.de.

  1. About KAF-APP

The KAF-APP was developed by Private Dozent Dr. med. habil. Ama Kyeremaa Finjap and a team of experts, including medical doctors, sports scientists, physiotherapists, and engineers, to bring top-tier expertise and international guidelines into innovative and holistic therapy concepts for managing back pain. Thanks to advanced technology, this knowledge is made precisely and individually available to patients worldwide.

Based on your feedback, the KAF-APP medical support team offers customized recommendations in relaxation, exercise, and strength, supporting the treatment of back pain and tension and preventive mobility improvement. You also have access to a pain symptom diary and direct chat access to physiotherapists and the access to booking a consultation with a medical doctor or therapist. In case of any issues, such as worsening of your condition, you are advised to consult us directly via video chat or book an appointment in our private practice for further steps. With your consent, data can be shared with your healthcare providers to improve communication.

  1. Instructions for Use

These instructions aim to provide you with notes and assistance on how to use the app and outline which patient groups can benefit from it.

Target Group
The KAF-APP provides a comprehensive range of products for relieving and treating pain and tension, focusing on neuromusculoskeletal disorders of the back. It is designed for individuals experiencing acute or chronic back pain or those aiming to prevent discomfort.

Applications of the KAF App:

Unless advised otherwise by a physician, it is recommended that you engage in KAF-APP training sessions daily or at least three times per week for optimal health improvement.

Possible Applications/Areas
The KAF-APP can be used for rehabilitative and preventive purposes, significantly supporting your therapy process. It allows the creation of reports for physicians and physiotherapists to integrate results into your therapy course.

It is important to note that the KAF-APP does not diagnose diseases or injuries, and potentially dangerous causes of pain symptoms cannot be ruled out with certainty. The use of the KAF-APP does not replace medical consultation. In case of diagnostic-related queries, contact us directly at www.dr-kaf.com or your attending physician or therapist.

The image excerpts from the app used in these instructions show the display on Apple devices. The representation on Android devices may differ slightly.

  1. Legal Requirements for Use & Processing of Personal Data

At the first app use, you confirm that you:

  1. Medical Conditions for Use

The app should be used only if your general health state is stable.

KAF-APP therapy should be avoided if any of the following contraindications are present unless the exercises are deemed safe for you by a healthcare provider or the team at Privatpraxis-Institute Dr. KAF:

  1. Safety Instructions and Side Effects

5.1 Safety Instructions
The KAF-APP should not be used if you do not understand the instructions or lack sufficient language command.

5.2 Side Effects
Currently, Privatpraxis-Institute Dr. KAF is not aware of any side effects when using the app as intended.

  1. Therapeutic Concept

Initially, we explain the differences from conventional digital therapies to better illustrate how they work.

6.1 Individual Recommendations
Our experts process anatomical principles, functional relationships, and the impacts of diagnoses and complaints. This allows for the creation of exercise recommendations based on evidence-based medical and scientific standards and tailored to your everyday life, considering your profession, athletic behavior, diagnoses, and anatomical basics.

6.2 Dynamic Recommendations
We focus on you, whose daily routine, pain, well-being, or movement restrictions may change circumstantially. This information is processed by our experts when selecting exercises, ensuring that you receive appropriate exercise recommendations.

6.3 Interdisciplinary Cooperation
The KAF-APP enables data acquisition with medical staff at Privatpraxis-Institute Dr. KAF (comprising medical doctors, sports scientists, and physiotherapists) to prepare findings from everyday life for medical review and direct processing.

  1. KAF-APP – How It Works

The individual sections of the KAF-APP are described in detail below, illustrating the app’s easy handling. For any usage-related questions, you can contact us via email (support-kafapp@dr-kaf.de) or our app-internal chat function for technical queries.

7.1 Introduction and Setup of the KAF-APP Account
Initially, you will set up the KAF-APP account with an email address. The email is used for important safety notifications and is never shared for advertising purposes.

7.2 Structure of the KAF-APP
The KAF-app offers various exercises serving as multimodal pain therapy; they are exercises for relaxation and strengthening specific for alleviating back pain.

7.3 Daily Exercise Session
The exercise plan includes a video guide with verbal instructions and options to pause, skip, or adjust exercises based on your daily condition. After training, provide feedback on each exercise and any new pain or problem areas, adapting future recommendations accordingly.

7.4 Relaxation Exercises
Various relaxation and breathing exercises are incorporated to enhance mental well-being and body awareness, vital for modern life.

7.5 Educational Area
Access informative podcasts on general health topics and specific complaints through the knowledge button.

7.6 Chat Area
Contact physiotherapists directly or be redirected to technical support for exercise-related issues or queries, allowing for recommendation adjustments.

7.7 Profile Area
The Profile section provides an overview of active days, exercises performed, and allows viewing of the achieved weekly therapy goals and reminders. An exercise diary and membership information are also accessible here.

7.8 Questionnaires
To track developments and therapy successes, complete the GROC scale (Global Rating of Change Scales) at certain period intervals, which also serves as a reminder to update information on pain areas for continued appropriate exercise selection.

  1. Purpose and General Information

The KAF App is a digital application designed for the treatment of back pain due to nonspecific low back pain or degenerative changes of the spine. The KAF App provides personalized therapeutic training content based on your indications and adjusts based on regular feedback. Additionally, the KAF App offers features to monitor training activity and disease progression, tests for mobility, and health articles related to the musculoskeletal system. This manual describes the proper use of the KAF App.

Frequency of Use
The assigned exercise unit of approximately 20 minutes should be performed daily, at least three days a week.

Duration of Use
The usage period is limited to 90 days per subscription. If further therapy is needed, additional individual subscriptions can be made. There is no general usage period that must be observed. In case of complaints, use the KAF App’s chat function to contact Dr. KAF’s private practice or consult a doctor.

Before use, it will be confirmed via medical consultation (in person or via video) that the KAF App is suitable for you and your specific health situation. The KAF App itself does not offer medical or therapeutic diagnosis or treatment. This is provided independently of the app, possibly upon request in Dr. KAF’s private practice.

Read the instructions for use thoroughly before using the KAF App. Pay particular attention to the following sections:

  1. Legal Requirements for Use and Data Processing

The KAF App is compliant with GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations. Your consent is required for the processing of personal and health data.

Data Controller
The data controller within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is:
Privatpraxis/Institute Dr KAF
Europastraße 4
67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße
Email address: datenschutz@kaf.de.

You can reach our data protection officer via email at datenschutz@kaf.de or by post at our address with the addition “der Datenschutzbeauftragte.”

Technical Data
In the course of your use of the app, we automatically collect certain data that are required for the use of the app. These include:

These data are automatically transmitted to us but not stored, in order to provide you with the service and its associated functions, improve the features and performance of the app, and prevent and eliminate misuse and malfunctions. These data are technically necessary for us to display our app to you and to ensure the stability and security of our app.

The legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 sentence 1 lit. b or f GDPR.

  1. Medical Data

Personal data, especially health data, are only processed within the scope and for the purposes of the app. To process data from you in the context of the digital application, your consent is therefore required.


  1. Use of the App for Its Intended Purpose
    The first consent applies to the processing of data for its intended use, for testing, and for demonstrating positive care effects.

Regarding your assigned exercises, a query of the feeling after the exercises may be conducted by the app. An analysis of relevant progress parameters (duration, number, exercises, pain) takes place over the therapy sessions. Additionally, we offer the possibility to determine your progress through medical questionnaires. These data serve to determine your progress and optimize your therapy needs and are only processed for this purpose and stored on our server. The server location with our service provider is in Germany. Our app also uses IP addresses, which are processed solely for the purpose of defense against attacks and stored for a maximum of 7 days. Except for the email address and the temporary storage of the IP address, no data are collected that allow direct assignment to you. All other data are, however, related to you as a person.

The app requires the following permissions:

The above-mentioned functions are explicitly requested on the device no later than the first use and can be confirmed or rejected. In general, a granted permission can be revoked at any time in the device’s settings.

  1. Service Providers

To the extent that we use service providers who act for us within the framework of commissioned data processing under Art. 28 GDPR, we have concluded a corresponding contract with them. We do not use service providers in third countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

  1. Your Request/Support

We offer you various contact options, e.g., our address, our email address, our phone number. If you contact us, we use the data you provide, such as your email address, your name, and the content of your request, to process your request. The data collected in this context will be deleted after storage is no longer necessary or processing will be restricted if there are statutory retention obligations.

  1. Deletion Concept, Correction of Incorrect Data & Data Transfer

Your data will be automatically deleted after the end of the care period. For a single license, the time is calculated as follows: your data will be stored for 365 days. If you are inactive (i.e., have not opened the app) for three months after this time, your data will be automatically completely deleted. However, you can also delete your data at any time before then.

To delete or revoke your user account, please request the deletion of the user account via email to support-kafapp@dr-kaf.de. (from the email address of the user account).

Please note that after deletion, recovery is not possible, and the data will be irretrievably lost. Only data that we necessarily need to provide our service will be processed. Therefore, you must also delete your account to restrict processing.

If data have been entered incorrectly by you, you have the opportunity to correct them directly in the app. Questions or other correction requests can be sent to support-kafapp@dr-kaf.de.

To transfer your data, please contact support-kafapp@dr-kaf.de.

  1. Your Rights

You have the following rights concerning the data relating to you:

If you have given us consent to process your data, you can revoke this at any time with effect for the future. However, the legality of the processing carried out based on the consent until the revocation remains unaffected by the revocation.

  1. Recipients / Disclosure of Data

Personal data processed in connection with the use of the “KAF App/Webapp” are generally not disclosed to third parties unless they are intended for disclosure. The provider processes user data properly and takes appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction of data. The data processing is carried out using computers or IT-based systems following organizational procedures and practices specifically aimed at the indicated purposes. In addition to the controller, other internal persons (personnel administration, sales, marketing, legal department, system administrators) or external parties – and in this case, if necessary, designated by the controller as processors (such as providers of technical services, delivery companies, hosting providers, IT companies, or communication agencies) – could also operate this application and thus have access to the data. For billing purposes with your insurance, your insurance number/customer number may be pseudonymized and transmitted to cooperation partners. An up-to-date list of these participants can be requested from the provider at any time.

Google Cloud Services
We use Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, to enable users to receive better suggestions from our system. Your information will be pseudonymized and processed on the Google server in Frankfurt, Germany. The data on Google Cloud are encrypted, and only we have access to the encryption key. The following data are stored encrypted by Google Services:

The service provider acts as a processor within the meaning of Art. 4 No. 8 GDPR for the controller and has been committed by the latter based on a data processing agreement (DPA) to implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures (TOMs) to protect your personal data.

  1. Storage Period and Deletion of Data

We generally delete your personal data when there is no longer a need for further storage. A need may exist, in particular, if the data are still required to fulfill contractual services, to check and grant or reject warranty and, if applicable, guarantee claims. In the case of statutory retention obligations, deletion comes into consideration only after the respective retention obligation has expired. If you wish to delete your data, you can send us an email at: support-kafapp@dr-kaf.de.

  1. Right to Lodge a Complaint with a Supervisory Authority

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority about the processing of personal data by us.

  1. Changes to This Privacy Notice

We will revise this privacy notice if there are changes in data processing or other occasions that make this necessary. The current version can always be found on this website. www.dr-kaf.com

Effective Date: 01.07.2024


Privatpraxis-Institute Dr. KAF
Europastraße 4
67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany
Email: support-kafapp@dr-kaf.de

If you notice a deterioration in your health condition related to the use of KAF-APP therapy, please contact us immediately.

If you require a paper version of these instructions, please contact us as well.


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Version 1.0
Date: 01/07/2024